She knows best

“Elana’s Place” Cambridge NY

When you run out of wall space inside!

Elana is a local artist.


“Look guys, two groundhogs sharing!


“They never!”

“Come see!”


“What a concept!”

“You won’t catch us doing that!”


The skunk has altered her timing.

By arriving early she has first dibs on afternoon nuts.


Rain arrived as promised last night.

A squirrel sheltered under the patio table.


Its tail not long and bushy enough to shelter beneath!

Today most outdoor creatures seem to have retired to their various homes.

It is unusual for it to be so quiet.


Though wet days do see great activity, as I was reminded when I went out.

Getting a rare view from underneath, I noticed a tiny mouth.


What I had gone to check was something I thought I had noticed earlier.

A bud.

On the wallflower.

Perhaps all I needed was patience.

And the right name. Phlox.


In my very limited garden experience I have noticed that quite often plants that have been harshly dealt with spring back as if in defiance.

Not that I am any longer capable of dealing harshly with plants, but the Yucca multiplies and spreads at an alarming rate, so last Fall I pulled out as much as I could manage.

Barring unforeseen drama, it appears this year we will have an exceptional display.


The tallest stalk is over five feet high and this year there are many more stalks than in prior years.


My Shasta daisy did not survive the winter but I have many wild ones and one other that has just bloomed.


Cone flowers and pinks


And the brave Gaillardia.

At the end of last year, this poor plant was reduced to a single root, though I am not sure how it became so reduced in circumstances.

But it always struggles back.

Why I don’t know, but I have always had an aversion to the combination of yellow and red.

But not in Nature. After all, she knows best.

6 thoughts on “She knows best

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for your wise statement, “Nature knows best”, and the lovely as always, photos. I love the talented artist’s house and paintings!.


  2. The artist’s house is very interesting. If that was in England, I am sure people would steal the paintings hung outside.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Oh, Elana’s Place is so unique! And how funny does that squirrel look with his tail over his head 🙂 – great photo! Just love your photos of the flowers covered in rain drops … and absolutely, yellow and red is a perfect combination in nature!

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