Blackie says: "Mum needs a mental health day" Banging my head into a concrete wall would be less painful than fighting with computers. Have to re-set the batteries and start fresh. Meanwhile, a few random pics. "Do not despair", said Little Red "There's always tomorrow"


14th August 2022 "MAAAOOOWWAAAOOOWWW" said Lily. "Another excuse for delaying our walk?" After breakfast, Lily takes herself down to the "engine room" where she practices her oratory skills until Grant announces walk time. But lately, for various reasons this has been disrupted. "The car got eaten by mice?" said Lily, incredulous. "Mice can't eat cars!" … Continue reading Excuses


This is going to be a very short, strange post. For starters, my pictures have vanished again. Well, not totally. They are there, somewhere, but I had to re-activate One Drive which I have been notified by...Microsoft? is almost full. (Already?) Of course, for a monthly fee I can increase the space. It's not a … Continue reading Rescues