0643/23rd August 2023 First thing this morning I thought we had smoke again, but it was nothing more than heavy mist. A report from the fires in Maui quoted a couple whose house had unaccountably been spared. They said they felt guilty about their good fortune. Guilt is the wrong emotion, but I do know … Continue reading “It”

Killing time

1944/12th August 2023 "We must start searching for sunsets!" I announced last night. Now that they are coming into range, it would just involve jumping in the car and getting to a designated view point. After a certain time of day wild horses couldn't drag us out, but days are shorter now! . We made … Continue reading Killing time

Birds on a wire etc

0945/10th August 2023 As we went out, House Martins were perching on a power cable. Late in the afternoon, Grant called me outside to see them in flight all around us, tiny specks, gliding and diving. Heaven knows there were plenty of bugs for them! . Having not been plagued by flying insects till now, … Continue reading Birds on a wire etc


1630/6th August 2023 There were interesting contrails yesterday afternoon. Usually, they are straight lines. So what was that one about? . Sometimes we don't see contrails for long periods. Then suddenly it's naughts and crosses all over the sky. Prevailing winds and traffic patterns I suppose. If I was so inclined I could trace them … Continue reading Somewhere


0827/27th July 2023 Lily found the catnip Hairballs and projectile vomit. The daily rewards of a multi-cat home! Years ago, when I moved into the big house outside Seattle, I purchased some colourful rugs through Novica. The idea of purchasing direct from the artisan appealed to me. The prices were very reasonable and there was … Continue reading Novica