A short walk

1700/19th September 2023 A great sky and a delightful temperature encouraged me to go for a short walk the other afternoon. Until now, being outside meant fighting off hordes of insects which rather detracts from the experience. . When I first came here five years ago, I found it rather a struggle, walking to the … Continue reading A short walk


0735/17th September 2023 An unwise decision last night led to undesirable results, which I faced immediately upon arising this morning. Because Lucy has shown a great preference for being on the living room sofa, we decided to let her remain there overnight. . We had been bringing her to my room at night because she … Continue reading Interpretations


10th September 2023 Perhaps it's the time of year that is bringing on great waves of nostalgia and that sinking feeling of : "Waiting for the other shoe to drop". Something about this year. . The removal of invasive honeysuckle changed the appearance of the woods behind the house but our two apple trees, one … Continue reading Squashed


0643/23rd August 2023 First thing this morning I thought we had smoke again, but it was nothing more than heavy mist. A report from the fires in Maui quoted a couple whose house had unaccountably been spared. They said they felt guilty about their good fortune. Guilt is the wrong emotion, but I do know … Continue reading “It”

Brain talk

0658/3rd August 2023 It is far too soon, but there has been a discernible shift. Perhaps it's just the cooler weather which is not typical for August. Maybe it's that the fields are planted with different crops. As they grow, the countryside changes. . But we've been here five years and I have never experienced … Continue reading Brain talk