“Doing”, or not…

0840/27th September 2023 As we drove into the mist yesterday morning, there was Nibbs on the wall at the end of our road. He is definitely a cat that gets around though hopefully not out to the state route. He didn't even turn to wave! . We were on the way to my eye doctor … Continue reading “Doing”, or not…

Dawn & dusk

1055/27th September 2023 Since we were going that way today, I thought I would take a photograph for comparison to the one (left) that I posted yesterday, taken on the same day, last year. . The geese are consistent anyway! . Harvesting. I'm not sure what grain. . "Hey guys, you missed a bit!" You … Continue reading Dawn & dusk

Laid back

0750/25th September 2023 It was still dark as we began breakfast activities yesterday. Grant noticed movement on the porch and thought His Nibbs had come to join us, so he threw open the door startling a skunk. Fortunately it fled without comment. That could have been a bad start. Dentist's visits are not high on … Continue reading Laid back

A short walk

1700/19th September 2023 A great sky and a delightful temperature encouraged me to go for a short walk the other afternoon. Until now, being outside meant fighting off hordes of insects which rather detracts from the experience. . When I first came here five years ago, I found it rather a struggle, walking to the … Continue reading A short walk