I’ve always been slightly impulsive which can sometimes get you into trouble. I’ve been fortunate in that regard but I was really testing my luck when at the end of June last year I suddenly decided that I needed to move and furthermore that I wanted to return to New York. (I was in Washington State at the time) Not only that, but if I got my skates on, I could make the move before the arrival of first snow. And I had 13 cats.

September 30th saw me driving up to my new home, upstate New York! And here we are, the cats and I.

Aside from that, I am 71, and basically functional, although legally I am disabled. I just can’t walk far or fast, and I run down like an old battery if I try to do too much. Things could certainly be worse.

For many years I worked in customer service at JFK and at SEATAC. I used to say, on bad days, that I would rather be shoveling shit. Be careful what you wish for, right?

Now I live with all these cats, and guess what I do all day! But I am happy to do whatever is required to keep them happy. They are my friends, my family, my happiness and my joy. I’d like to tell you about them….

My name is Carolyn, also known as “yetismith”