29th November 2023 Lonesome trees always draw my attention. Maybe for the same reason that I am drawn to abandoned or mistreated animals and downtrodden people. . As far back as I can remember, I always wanted everybody to be happy. Quite often we travelled around London on the underground and when we sat facing … Continue reading Smiley


0724/28th November 2023. Sheep escaping from predator (?) While I waited for an appointment yesterday, at the pain clinic, another patient suddenly exclaimed: "Oh! Look at this photograph!" She extended her hand to display the image she had received on her iPhone. A friend had captured a large flock of snow geese, somewhere in Vermont. … Continue reading Simpler


0715/26th November 2023 Challenge. It's what I had in mind to write about. My printer apparently read my thoughts: "Ah! She wants a challenge!" !*&£@*!!!! . Printers have been challenging me now for more than 50 years. Every single stinking one! Dealing with them is not challenging, it's just plain annoying and futile. As I … Continue reading Challenges