Perhaps I'll go back to being a bunny person. They were so undemanding. The day got off to a really ropy start at some ridiculously small hour. Fact is, the past few days have all started the same way. Today was just the cumulative effect. Patches head-grooming attacks have intensified. Grant laughs. "Push her away, … Continue reading Ingrates


26th July 2022 Two days of storms broke the stifling heat, temporarily. Plant life has perked up considerably which is cheering to see. When bushes droop and flowers begin to look exhausted, despite daily watering, it makes me feel drained too. Though I have little to complain about. When I first went to the Pacific … Continue reading Strange


1615/24th July 2022 There is an evil sadistic bastard out there I'd like to have a word with. Specifically, the person whose head I would like to punch is the one who created the "TalkBack" App and persuaded the manufacturers of Android to install it on their bedeviled contraptions. For a long time, I resisted … Continue reading Features