0540/6th May 2022 Something woke me with a start yesterday morning, so I jumped out of bed and lifted a blind. A promising start to what quickly became an indifferent and gray day. The Sun tried hard, but could not quite dispel the gray. Yet the day was not all gloom. Jim Jim squirrel came … Continue reading Feeders


1140/5th May 2022 After leaving Sikkim at the veterinary hospital yesterday, we meandered, with no destination in mind, which in my book is almost always more exciting. We were not very far from home, but the landscape changes within just a few miles, around a bend or over the top of a hill. And of … Continue reading Green!


5th May 2022 Any cat in my care that looks like this at lunchtime on a Thursday is off to the vet. Because, at the weekend cat emergencies involve an hour's drive and a long, expensive wait at a special clinic. And Sikkim suffers with motion sickness. We are very fortunate that our local veterinary … Continue reading Sikkim