0735/17th September 2023 An unwise decision last night led to undesirable results, which I faced immediately upon arising this morning. Because Lucy has shown a great preference for being on the living room sofa, we decided to let her remain there overnight. . We had been bringing her to my room at night because she … Continue reading Interpretations

Black hole!

1738/15th September 2023 A watercolour sky. No drama. A gentle blending and deepening. . . 0700/16th September This morning's aquatic sky soon became a grey overcast, but rain held off which pleased Grant who is doing things outside. . Topping up the bird feeders yesterday, my eyes travelled to the bottom field. Unable to distinguish … Continue reading Black hole!

Tink’s invention

0638/13th September 2023 Not more than 5 minutes after the loveliness of this morning's dawn, the bright lights turned off and a blanket of grey wetness unravelled. So wet, that the cats decided to cancel their morning walk. Toby put on a brave face and quick-marched to the garage, but returned hastily and found himself … Continue reading Tink’s invention


10th September 2023 Perhaps it's the time of year that is bringing on great waves of nostalgia and that sinking feeling of : "Waiting for the other shoe to drop". Something about this year. . The removal of invasive honeysuckle changed the appearance of the woods behind the house but our two apple trees, one … Continue reading Squashed


1750/8th September 2023 Yesterday's storm was much less bad- tempered than the previous one. Not so much of the howling and thrashing. Less wet. Lightning stayed "in the wings", flashing somewhere behind the hills, prompting grumbles but none the earth- shattering crashes which sent cats fleeing. . This was a storm with after effects. Suddenly … Continue reading Emotions