0724/28th November 2023. Sheep escaping from predator (?) While I waited for an appointment yesterday, at the pain clinic, another patient suddenly exclaimed: "Oh! Look at this photograph!" She extended her hand to display the image she had received on her iPhone. A friend had captured a large flock of snow geese, somewhere in Vermont. … Continue reading Simpler


0715/26th November 2023 Challenge. It's what I had in mind to write about. My printer apparently read my thoughts: "Ah! She wants a challenge!" !*&£@*!!!! . Printers have been challenging me now for more than 50 years. Every single stinking one! Dealing with them is not challenging, it's just plain annoying and futile. As I … Continue reading Challenges

60 years

0929/22nd November 2023 If it wasn't memorable for other reasons, I doubt I'd be able to pinpoint so precisely the date of the assassination of John Kennedy but it was probably the first really shocking world event of my life. At boarding school in England, we were in the annex where we did homework before … Continue reading 60 years

Sobering influence

0704/19th November 2023 "Zoomer, you're supposed to be asleep!" " I jus' nipped out for a nut. Is OK?" Chipmunks are very visible without the benefit of shrubbery and there are lots of hungry hawks about. Still, it was nice to see his cute face. . Brain was in park yesterday. Then Grant popped up … Continue reading Sobering influence

Bodies of water

0815/27th October. Off to Clifton Park "Do you think we'll need the air conditioner again?" ...asked the man last week. "No! It's October!" As I said it, I knew I shouldn't have. . Luckily, the thermometre stalled at 74F/23C. The air conditioner did not need to be re-activated, but we drove along yesterday with both … Continue reading Bodies of water