All my cat's stories are intertwined. They really do each lead to another. Panther was kidnapped from a stable. I was not the perpetrator of this crime, but I was the receiver of goods, so-to-speak. Karleen, the rescuer, had noticed a little black cat running around at a ranch and she perceived him to be … Continue reading Panther


"What", you may be asking is"that"? That was Thimphu ("Tim-Pooh") aged 12 weeks. My intention to write one piece about all my Himalayan cats was scuppered when I realised Tim was a story all by himself. Tim - Thimphu, actually. I always try to name Himalayan cats appropriately. Thimphu is the capital of the Himalayan … Continue reading Thimphu


This adorable little dog weighs heavy on my conscience. Sometimes decisions we make with the best, most loving of intentions can turn out so terribly wrong. I'm not sure I shall ever forgive myself for this one. Wendy and Jill were just young pups when I came to live with my aunty Kay. They were … Continue reading Jazz