The recent spectacular moon rise brought to mind the old Wiltshire legend about the Moonrakers. In the sixteenth century, Wiltshire was the headquarters for Dutch and Flemish wool merchants. The traders missed their favourite tipple Holland Gin and a healthy trade in smuggling developed. Barrels of spirit were landed in quiet coves on the Hampshire … Continue reading Moonraker

Sunrise season

Seasons are changingI can tellApples are fallingLeaves are turning (just)Birds are flockingNot ready, yetTo fly.Fledglings hoofedFrom out of their nestsAre assemblingOutside my windowChasing aboutLike small childrenSo sweetIn the birdbath splashingAnd scoffing down food.And the season of sunrise is backPerhaps it never leftBut there's a limitTo how earlyI will rise.... The trouble with having all these … Continue reading Sunrise season