Who’s to blame?

0640/1st July 2023

The dear little darlings are all hunkered down and this is one of those days that can’t seem to get started.

Let’s blame the smoke.


Some days after breakfast we tend to loiter but this morning it was more of a prolonged sit-in.

When finally we hauled ourselves up I realised I was having some sort of allergic reaction, though I’ve no idea what to.


Benadryl appears to have dealt with it.

It seems a good idea to remain indoors at the moment, but I’ve been meaning to post some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago when the weather was blissfully cool and moist.


One day I wandered around outside looking down and realised what works of art were at my feet.

Plain old ordinary clover.


Each one a masterpiece.

A free exhibition, on my very doorstep.


Of course, there was more.

Prunella vulgaris or “Self-heal” (right)

Mallow (above)


Always happy to see bees.


Wildflowers and grasses line our roads




Wild parsnip (right). Yarrow (below)


One of last year’s additions bloomed:

Plant names refuse to stick with me so I asked Plantnet to remind me and got a cheeky answer:

“Not a plant. May be: insecta.”

Offered a different image it provided:

Japanese astilbe.

Virginia Ctenucha moth


“Four-lined plant bug” insists it doesn’t eat my wallflowers.

But it looks awfully suspicious.


As far as I can determine, none of the seeds I planted in the Spring have grown.

Not one.

But I do have attractive weeds.

Tickseed. (right)

8 thoughts on “Who’s to blame?

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for the wonderful photos! Be careful who you call liars, it is the insects that will inherit the Earth!


    PS. Apology for being so late.

  2. I’m sure I commented on this post, because I remember the beautiful flowers … and that I might also have an allergic reaction if it depended on the flowers πŸ€”. But be that as it may, I’ll say it again: Your flower photos are beautiful – the Chicory is still my favourite!

  3. Such lovely flowers and colours!
    Seems like WP isn’t sending me notifications anymore of when you post but I see you’ve been a machine and posting almost everyday…
    I’m having difficulty keeping up to one per week!
    Landed in Calabria on the 4th for some R&R. πŸ™‚

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