1015/30th June 2023

The end of a busy week and another month brings us to the the July 4th prolonged weekend.

Traditionally, the time for outdoor barbecues and activities though these are being discouraged due to SMOKE.

Though I doubt it will prevent the use of fireworks 🙁


The smoke could certainly be worse, but Grant has put the “walkers” outings on hold, much to their annoyance.

They stand expectantly at the door and do not understand why we are being so rotten.


His Nibbs being unrestricted, came in as usual, scoffing leftovers, checking out all corners of the house and then appropriating the latest Chewy box before demanding to be let back out.

Toby marched off in disgust and Muffin looked on incredulous.


Life is so terribly unfair.

Muffin actually did get to go out this morning but was then even less pleased.

The moment a carrier was produced, the others fled but Muffin was in a cosy little reverie and was most shocked to suddenly find herself being carted off to the vet!

“What do you mean just a blood draw?”


Muffin recently joined the thyroid club and the vet is trying to adjust her medication which requires a blood test.

As it turns out, we have to up the dose again. Beneath all that fluff exists a very skinny cat.

The two-minute visit wasn’t an issue. Muffin’s problem is that she gets motion sick. Usually she tolerates the ten minute drive, but today she got sick.

Fortunately, she doesn’t hold a grudge.


But adding insult to injury, after lunch Tinkerbelle went to sit in Grant’s chair.

She knows that is Muffin’s afternoon perch!


“Serve you right!” said Dee Dee

“For being so rude to me.”


Everywhere we look there are babies.

The doves seem the best behaved.


Baby Thrasher on the porch


Yesterday I found a tiny corpse beside the seed trays and I’m terribly afraid it may have been a Thrasher.

Not that I think any bird is expendable but the Thrashers are not nearly as numerous.

While I didn’t see the act, it is more than likely the killer was a cat and ours are currently confined to quarters.

Still, innocent until proven otherwise.

Seeing a bird taken by a hawk is acceptable because they must feed, but wanton murder is hard to bear.

However the little body was providing sustenance for a variety of tiny creatures.

Small comfort at least.


On the 25th, a new groundhog.

It looked new, but newborn?


It didn’t reappear which is unusual.

Then today this little chap showed up briefly. Definitely a baby but clearly not the same animal and smaller.

Previously babies have appeared in two’s or threes.

But everything is different this year.


Busy trying to catch up, I wasn’t paying much attention when I heard Grant exclaiming excitedly.

We both do it all the time for any number of reasons, but finally I went to see what it was all about.


Earlier, he had thrown extra nuts out for Little Red.

The surprising thing in this image is that the two groundhogs were sharing.

Normally they challenge each other over food and can be quite vicious about it.


Impossible to get a better picture because if they saw me they would rush off.

The squirrel was trying to find the courage to make a grab.


Thinking better of it, the squirrel decided to loiter in the background which caused Grant to notice that it had a stiff back leg.

And once the groundhogs left, the squirrel moved in and I saw that it was the one with a chewed up ear.

Thus, we spend our days!

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  1. Poor Muffin … everything was against her on this day! It is a wonderland to watch the animals as they come and go. My thoughts: They think your yard is like a hotel/take away – and sometimes new animals arrive just in passing to enjoy a quick snack (and sleep) before they go looking for new fields/houses … or better, they stay if they found it to be THE place!

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