2015/28th June 2023

There is something special about fading light. Often I think twilight is my favourite time of day.

Perhaps it’s the hush, the returning to the safety of the nest.

The drawing in.


The foxes come a little before twilight.


The bolder fox is the one we call Peanut

We can only guess their relationship.


Our visitors never cease to delight

“Bit o’ carrot so good on a wet afternoon!”



Timing is everything

Dumping some groceries in the kitchen, I glanced out the window which prompted me to make a lunge for the camera.

Inevitably, it was too late for the best shot.


A Red-wing fledgling was playing with discarded feathers.

Some birds line their nests with feathers.

This was just a kid playing.


When one of our friends doesn’t turn up for a while, we worry.

Look who was back this morning:


“Be sure to take the best pose, missus.”

“You like my smart summer suit?”


“With hennaed trim?”

No fee for the extra poses, Little Red!


This morning…

the Sparrows reclaimed their tray.


But not ten minutes later…..

It was a bit rude that they all had their backs turned.

Perhaps it was the cold shoulder 🙁

5 thoughts on “Poses

  1. That groundhog really enjoys his (or is it her?) carrots. And to see foxes walking around so close to your house is quite special, isn’t it. I always love to see Little Red – what a poser!

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