After receiving my second Covid booster yesterday, we went off once more to Greenwich, passing the horses and other creatures I always call out to. The horse pasture is adjacent to a barn that is in advanced stages of falling down. Sadly, just one of the hundreds we see. Grant muttered about my decision to … Continue reading Booster


0813/13th March 2022 The darker our world becomes, the more I seem to seek beauty in the little things. Snow on top of a solar light. A hole in the snow Squirrel tracks in the pristine, glinting snow How I wished I could capture the sounds of the early morning. Birds seemed joyful to have … Continue reading Magic


0757/10th March 2022 Yesterday afternoon's sudden, unexpectedly heavy snowfall precipitated a frenzy at the bird feeders and a rare opportunity to get some photos while they were too preoccupied to notice me in the window. Oh, the squawking and scrabbling! "Wow, mate! Don't rock the boat!" Sparrows don't stand a chance when the bully-boys arrive, … Continue reading Frenzy