Dawn & dusk

1055/27th September 2023 Since we were going that way today, I thought I would take a photograph for comparison to the one (left) that I posted yesterday, taken on the same day, last year. . The geese are consistent anyway! . Harvesting. I'm not sure what grain. . "Hey guys, you missed a bit!" You … Continue reading Dawn & dusk


10th September 2023 Perhaps it's the time of year that is bringing on great waves of nostalgia and that sinking feeling of : "Waiting for the other shoe to drop". Something about this year. . The removal of invasive honeysuckle changed the appearance of the woods behind the house but our two apple trees, one … Continue reading Squashed


1630/6th August 2023 There were interesting contrails yesterday afternoon. Usually, they are straight lines. So what was that one about? . Sometimes we don't see contrails for long periods. Then suddenly it's naughts and crosses all over the sky. Prevailing winds and traffic patterns I suppose. If I was so inclined I could trace them … Continue reading Somewhere