My thing

0710/18th September 2022 Breakfast! So many mouths to feed! "There's another plan scuppered", I said coming in from the garden. After breakfast, Blackie had installed herself for the duration on the big pillow which these days is on my bed because that's where certain cats prefer it. "So, I'll change my sheets tomorrow.." "The only … Continue reading My thing


1310/31st August 2022 August departed with grace... ...cloudy, but benign... Running outside to get a better shot of these clouds, I sent the groundhog fleeing to her hole. "Was just getting a carrot before fatso comes back." As I finished my latest book last night, we got another heavy shower. Then this morning, September arrived. … Continue reading Dreamer


This is going to be a very short, strange post. For starters, my pictures have vanished again. Well, not totally. They are there, somewhere, but I had to re-activate One Drive which I have been notified by...Microsoft? is almost full. (Already?) Of course, for a monthly fee I can increase the space. It's not a … Continue reading Rescues