2nd January 2023 "Was it something I said?" "Rude she-cats! Mutter mutter." After hitting us up for three lots of breakfast, the boy took himself around the front to stare at the all-purpose hole in the sumac. Perhaps he fancied a main course of mouse or chipmunk. Then Grant went out with his walkers. Muffin … Continue reading *LBJ


0717/25th December 2022 For the past few days I have been listening to choir music. Not Christmas music, "Sacred Choir Music" that I found at random on YouTube. The sound is one I have always found soothing. It touches me deep inside. Russian choirs especially. What is it in this sound that is so moving? … Continue reading Nuts


0751/23rd December 2022 Howling wind, creaking house and enervated cats got Grant from his crib early this morning. Patches favoured rising also, so I clicked on a lamp to see what ungodly hour it might be. 0600. "It's still dark out!" I moaned. Whereupon it went dark in also, as our lights failed. Surprisingly, within … Continue reading Elliott