0715/26th March 2022 Such a promising start... Even the Moon was smiling... . Oh! Looking through last year's photographs I am struck by how colourful they were by comparison to our currently drab vista, the single bright patch being the snow shovel. . Far too soon to tidy the shovel away. The photograph on left … Continue reading 20,21,22


0937/21st November 2021 It's over and done, One could really feel quite glum. Garden put to bed, Tools in the shed. As another Winter starts And the heating bill just smarts. "But wait!" I said Lifting my head, "Winter is my time, "I like it quite fine. "The frost and snow "The luminous glow "At … Continue reading Done


0644/3rd October 2021 Glancing out the window at 6.45 this morning, I was compelled by the little silver speck to go and take it's picture: It was not cold this morning, so I decided to watch the developing spectacle. Most of the annoying nibblers are gone, so I strolled around on the newly mown grass, … Continue reading Whoops


October 1st 2021 When I downloaded this image, I immediately saw it as a pilgrim, on his knees, wearing a flat-topped hat, extending his arms with an offering on a tray, to his deity, Queen Bee, sitting on her rose-coloured pad, beneath a floral umbrella. Other pilgrims are queuing with their offerings. Perhaps I should … Continue reading Marigold


1935/23rd August 2021 1944/23rd August 2021 Rainbows are becoming a daily event in these parts but it's always the light that follows which is so amazing and last night was particularly dazzling, otherworldly almost. A surprisingly and much welcomed good night's sleep helped motivate me to attempt a little light gardening this morning, before the … Continue reading Resentful!