Blame the cats

1453/26th October 2022

Largely, it’s all these Fall photographs.

Every day a new vision.

Colours brighter than I have ever seen before.

Each time of day a new perspective.

It’s exhausting!

It’s exhilarating.

It is also distracting. Yesterday I nearly blew an appointment because I had got into my head that it was for 3:30.

Killing time, I was out on the porch at 2:45 and noticed an interesting spider. As I bent to take it’s picture with my phone, a message came into view, a reminder for my 3 pm appointment.


With no putt-putts to delay us, we made record time to Greenwich and still I gawped at trees, employing my old camera that lives in my bag for just such occasions.

Fortunately, I was not obliged to apologize, as I arrived slightly breathless but very punctual for my vision re-check.

All good, but I shall be getting a “tweaked” prescription and some reading glasses. As I told my doctor, I think what has been done for me is miraculous.

Normally our excursions are accomplished earlier in the day, so it was a chance to catch the late afternoon light.

And cloud.

After my quite long appointment, we attempted to collect a prescription from the supermarket, but no, it couldn’t be released until tomorrow. 30 days from last pick-up.

New York State keeping us drug addicts in check.

As if .5mg of Ativan is such a BIG DEAL.

Half my anxiety comes from worrying whether or not I will be able to obtain my medication before withdrawal sets in which seems pretty daft, not to mention annoying.

Of course, if I had a doctor who was a reasonable human being, I wouldn’t have this issue in the first place. But I guess us old folks can’t be trusted to be responsible.


On the way home I gnashed my teeth, but it didn’t stop me enjoying the lovely late afternoon and as I had to go back today for the wretched prescription, for once I drove myself.

It is another stunning Fall day and I had to concentrate hard on the road as so many visions shot past. The leaves a little dryer, a little crisper.

This year even the browns are brilliant.

On the way home, I swung by the Post Office where I was relieved to find that my replacement election ballot had arrived, the first one having gone astray.

On the way out, I thought: “God, that tree is stunning!”

Whereupon the pavement jumped up and tripped me. I am an expert at falling and can generally control the part of me that will make hard contact but I’ve not done this lately so I said something rude as visions of hospital beds flashed through my mind.

Apparently I have not lost my skill. Just a bent fingernail.

Timing is really everything.

Rushing out yesterday to capture a particularly delightful fall of sunlight, I got the camera lined up just as the sun went in. So I waited, and waited…

Finally giving up I turned to come back in just in time to see a Towhee on the patio. First one we’ve seen for ages. Not that it stopped to chat, but bird sightings are always important.

Now that I look at the quick snap I got, I’m not so sure it wasn’t a Junco but because I am so behind, I haven’t had time to actually download the last lot of images from that camera…

Until I retired, I was always pretty good at time management and multi-tasking but in those days I had a comparatively small number of cats.

So I shall blame it on them that I have become so disorganized.

That’s fair, isn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Blame the cats

    1. Ah! That was a WP special. It didn’t attach Lily’s pic and when I fixed that it wouldn’t add her name. I didn’t realize that when it finally accepted Lily it took out Dee Dee. Very remiss of me! Sasha says thank you, Peter. You are her hero.

  1. Even the late afternoon photos are beautiful – you really had an amazing fall! Oh wow, you behind the steering wheel – that’s exciting. And relieved to hear you only had a bent fingernail from that “slip of the foot” … careful now, don’t get too excited about your new improved vision! Blame it on those sweet little faces … never!

  2. FYI – I always blame the cat (sadly it’s singular these days.)
    After all, that is what cats are for.
    And also why relationships work and people stay together.

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