That river again

1040/25th October 2022

Back at Stillwater again, where I snapped a couple of hurried pictures as we drove by not really expecting them to work.

We would have stopped, but the car suddenly indicated low air pressure on one of our tires so we became pre-occupied with that.

While I had nerves ablated, Grant took the car to a fix-it place where they found a screw embedded in the tire.

With the tire temporarily inflated we were confident to stop by the river on the return journey to enjoy the comings and goings of geese.

Oh yes, I got carried away.

Poem by Wendell Berry

When I viewed the images…a surprise!

A Snow goose?

Back on the other side, astonishing reflections.

We weren’t even halfway home…

12 thoughts on “That river again

    1. It would make more sense, but I found a couple of snow geese pictures that were similar. I didn’t look further because I kept finding pictures of hunters with their trophies. Grrr.

  1. Great reflection photos. I liked the poem, and can identify with it. When everything seems to be getting me down, watching a Heron on the riverbank, or Dragonflies over the water, puts life into perspective.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Look at that beautiful reflections in the water – wow! And your geese photos are lovely – I suppose they will leave when it’s winter (or maybe not the ‘snow goose’ đŸ˜‰).

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