To Bennington, again…

1727/23rd October 2022

Last minute sun rays

faded to blue

which Monday morning clung to

This was interesting.
Is there a message, do you think?

Not long after two more genteel faces appeared.

As did a young deer, down in the field.

We never get through breakfast quickly enough for Lily. She makes Grant deliver her morning repast in bed, downstairs. And before he gets back up she is already wailing to go out.

And on days when we have somewhere to go, she extends her walk so we have to delay our departure.

What? I was doing stuff!’

When Finally she returns, she is unrepentant.

At least she doesn’t pretend.

Halloween decorations and election signs.

No comment.

The later stages of Fall.

We had almost forgotten that the car had to go back to Bennington again to get the ignition light reset.

Grant had found the solution to our problem on YouTube.

But the dealer was happy to do the job.

We sat in the lounge as it was taken care of, bombarded by the inane ravings of a breakfast television show.

For entertainment, I would rather have my ears boxed.

Mercifully, resetting the ignition did not take long.

Bennington days tend to be wet, for some reason.

But colourful, never-the-less.

Traffic was moving at an acceptable clip!

Rust is the prevailing colour in many places.

North Hoosick Post Office

The yellow leaves glow like neon

The road to Bennington is “windey” and up-and-downsey.

There were several of these dips and twists

They didn’t do much for my focus.

Arriving in Bennington…

Bennington Battlefield Monument

This was just the journey to Bennington.

Coming back, we took a circuitous route…

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  1. After a weekend away in torrential rain, Monday brought sunshine to Beetley, and I was wearing shorts again! Even the leaves are starting to turn, though most are still green on the trees here,
    Best wishes, Pete.

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