Fort Edward

0705/28th October 2022

A day at home, getting things done seemed such a lovely idea, but having managed to obtain an electoral ballot, I was somewhat dubious of trusting it to a mail system that has failed me now several times.

So another sortie was on the cards. Fort Edwards is an hour’s drive up the Hudson and there I could deposit my ballot in an official drop box.

It seemed the responsible thing to do.

Other things will get caught up eventually. Or not.

Does it matter?

Two days of warm weather crisped up the foliage, much of which was then blown down by yesterday’s gusty breeze, so I think we have arrived at that “almost over” phase of Fall.

Yet, not quite…

Many trees refuse to comply.

Up the road a truck was dumping dirt…

…no idea why.

But it gave me the chance to capture the ghost trees.

There is still plenty of colour in the countryside.

Heading north, out of Greenwich.

Another “windey” road.

Riding in the car on these bends feels like being in a bobsled race.

(Not that I have ever done one of those.)

Passing through Argyle.

There are so many abandoned farms.

Little “pops” of colour are every bit as delightful as full Fall colours.

For me, anyway.

Entering Fort Edward

Mission accomplished, we chose to follow the river.

And stopped at Lock #7

We found ourselves in horse country

Noticing a UPS truck in the rear-view, Grant took a side-road to get away from it. So we could meander at leisure.

Wouldn’t you know, the truck turned off as well. So we let him pass.

Taking side-roads is a good way to explore.

Lots of places are similar, but never the same.

The leaves on this tree were almost black and it’s top appeared to have been molded by wind in this rather exposed area. Other trees nearby were equally bent.

Summit Lake

At this juncture, my camera’s battery died

So I fished out my other camera and used that until it also died.

By then we were nearly home anyway, which we discovered rather to our surprise. We had ended up on the skirts of Greenwich without even realizing.

Just as well because it was time for their lunch…

6 thoughts on “Fort Edward

    1. There are still some that struggle on but it is a very punishing existence. Most of the cattle we see are dairy and I always cringe to see the way they live.

  1. I think you’re right … you are indeed nearing the end of fall. It seems the trees are not so dense anymore, but still very colourful! Wow – that photo of the single bright yellow tree after Lock #7 is amazing!
    But now I wonder: How would it be to ride in one of those bobsleds 😊.

  2. You are documenting your Autumn so well, Carolyn. We continue to experience unseasonal weather in Beetley. Despite cloudy skies it reached 70 degrees here today, and it seems we may well go from Summer straight into Winter, missing out Autumn completely.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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