Not quite Winter

0810/29th October 2022

Last night brought our first hard frost that transformed our landscape which is taking on its Winter clothes.

A very different look.

But I will not complain.

I like it.

Mist rises as dawn burns off the frost.

“Did you just take my picture?”

Our winter birds are settling back in.

Time to plug in the heated water bowls.

A couple of nights ago I went out to watch geese that have been gathering every day at sunset. The video isn’t great but you should be able to hear the cacophony and at the end if you listen closely, you will hear the sound of their wings as they fly very low overhead.

Having retired to her bed, the groundhog re-emerged when the weather warmed up and we went rushing off to find her a carrot.

But I think this may have been her final appearance for the year. We have not seen her for two days now.

All the others have been in bed for a month but she is very tiny, so she probably needs all the nourishment she can get.

Instead of cutting carrots, now I have a different task.

Grant was watching the Titmouse and Nuthatch one day and commented that the peanuts were too big for them to manage.

So now I’m pounding them into smaller bits.

Do you know how hard peanuts are?

It’s a good way of dispelling annoyance!

Our “not quite Winter” look.

9 thoughts on “Not quite Winter

  1. And just like that … frost made its appearance! It feels too soon, because I’m still enjoying your fall colours. Loved the cackles/honks from the geese (not sure what you call it exactly) – thanks for the video! And always happy to see a groundhog (it’s going to be a long winter not seeing them)!

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