Fall back

0740/30th October 2022

These last brave flowers were very frosty this morning, but the next few days are predicted to be mild with no nightly freeze, so perhaps they will soldier on.


When the pavement jumped up and tripped me the other day, it didn’t really hurt much but the jolt gave me a fancy headache that I cannot shake, accompanied by a rather dense brain fog.

So for now I am going to “Fall back” on photographs that I did not previously post, there being so many.

(Our clocks go back next Saturday, by the way.)

0715/October 25th

This day saw us heading off early into a misty morning and weaving our way through the leafy back streets of Greenwich.

It was a very orange stage, in Greenwich at least.

Outside Greenwich, a rainbow.


The sun breaking through began to light up yellow hues

Mist was still clinging to the Hudson

But the leaves seemed irradiated.

On the way back, mist was still lingering in places.

We turned off onto a country road.

It was very atmospheric. I like a bit of mist.

As long as I’m not trying to fly somewhere,

See the mailbox attached to this tree.

Pretty colourful for a grey day.

Last one for today.

As I went to shoot past the driver’s head, I caught the reflection and shot it instead.

6 thoughts on “Fall back

  1. Your right, Greenwich should be called “Orangewich” during fall 😉. Can’t believe you have not used these photos before – they’re all stunning! Hope you are feeling better soon 🌻.

  2. I am impressed that you seem to go out every day. I only go into town twice a week, rarely venturing further unless I have to go to the hospital or visit relatives down south once or twice a year. I seem to be more or less stuck in Beetley, but I don’t mind that at all. Maybe I need to get out more?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Sometimes I go for long stretches without going out. Lately, with the leaves being so beautiful it seemed a crime not to go and look and having a driver makes a difference. I don’t mind driving myself but then I can’t take pictures.

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