1733/30th October 2022

For four years I have watched the little tree on the opposite slope.

It has become a friend, the way the Moon is a friend.

Always there, whatever the weather.

It has grown a little, but not much. It is still holding onto its leaves, even though it sits exposed on the brow of the hill.

It’s companion, we discovered, is a full-sized pine, rooted below and behind the hill.

It’s nice to have some things that are consistent.

Finally taking the time to go back through the many pictures I have taken in recent weeks, I found quite a few that I intended to post, before being drawn out almost daily to view latest developments. It was impossible to keep up, but the experiences are worth sharing, I think.

One of our outings took us to covered bridges.

If memory serves, this was one of our trips to Vermont.

Beside this river stood a beautiful sycamore.

We were very enthusiastic about it.

It was so peaceful beside the river and we could have lingered..

..but we moved on. The colour of the day was brownish…

We were wending our way back from Vermont, turning this way and that and crossed over railroad tracks that we then followed

All along the tracks were some fine rushes

They made a pretty picture

Then we came to a marsh

and where there’s a marsh…

quite often, there’s a duck

He was so excited to see us.

We thought we would follow the road home

but it was closed for repairs, so we went in a circle

back over the tracks

“Hello! Here we are again!”

Endless empty roads

Not a leaf-peeper or other person in sight.

Nor even a pumpkin picker

“D’ you think someone told them we were coming?”

Washington County, New York.

24th October 2022

Misty and marvelous.

Sometimes I feel so close to the sky, as if a strong wind could carry me off into the far beyond, to whatever exists out there.

It’s a humbling feeling but not scary.

It’s probably as close to religion as I get.

Awe. Admiration. Acceptance.


6 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. It’s amazing how you have not just one specific road to get to a place, but several scenic ones! And blissful to have no traffic … I’m glad you kept these pictures to post, they’re lovely!

  2. Covered bridges always remind me of the film, ‘The Bridges Of Madison County’. But that was filmed in Iowa. I have always wondered why they went to the extra effort and expense of covering a bridge. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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