0700/19th March 2021 or 1200 according to my confused camera Throughout the night, it howled and moaned and roared like a great lumbering beast in its death throws. It rattled the windows, whistling through all available cracks, clattering the porch furniture and creating a veritable symphony among the wind chimes. Suddenly, mid-morning it stopped dead, … Continue reading Wind


0710/17th March 2021 Everyone's got a pet peeve. Maybe several, in fact. For me, hands down, it's BANKS. Banks are a source of annoyance and anxiety. Always have been, always will be, for me. They are designed not to care for your money, but to remove it from you. In whatever devious method they can … Continue reading Banks!


1802/13th March 2021 Yesterday's sloth, or whatever you want to call it could be attributed to any or all of a number of things: Covid vaccine, change of meds, over extending the mobile bike routine or even just 15 minutes of patio sweeping. Whatever it was, I could not haul my butt out of bed … Continue reading Focus