“Doing”, or not…

0840/27th September 2023 As we drove into the mist yesterday morning, there was Nibbs on the wall at the end of our road. He is definitely a cat that gets around though hopefully not out to the state route. He didn't even turn to wave! . We were on the way to my eye doctor … Continue reading “Doing”, or not…

A short walk

1700/19th September 2023 A great sky and a delightful temperature encouraged me to go for a short walk the other afternoon. Until now, being outside meant fighting off hordes of insects which rather detracts from the experience. . When I first came here five years ago, I found it rather a struggle, walking to the … Continue reading A short walk


0643/23rd August 2023 First thing this morning I thought we had smoke again, but it was nothing more than heavy mist. A report from the fires in Maui quoted a couple whose house had unaccountably been spared. They said they felt guilty about their good fortune. Guilt is the wrong emotion, but I do know … Continue reading “It”

Birds on a wire etc

0945/10th August 2023 As we went out, House Martins were perching on a power cable. Late in the afternoon, Grant called me outside to see them in flight all around us, tiny specks, gliding and diving. Heaven knows there were plenty of bugs for them! . Having not been plagued by flying insects till now, … Continue reading Birds on a wire etc