Daily Red

19th March 2022

A couple of late arrivals flying in to join the massed reunion of migrating birds.

The excited chattering alerted us to the assembly yesterday morning, but toward the end of the day Grant called me outside to witness:

Red-wings and grackles and the occasional sparrow

These are the moments when I long for a steady hand!

…and for the ability to record and share the sound.

Leaving the birds to their reunion, I returned indoors, but not for long.

Soon the light called me back out.

It rescued me momentarily from the awful gloom of the news I had been trying in vain to comprehend.

True to form, not long after such a splendid late afternoon, a noisy storm rolled in, shaking the house with its thunderous roar. Clearly thunderstorms are now a Spring thing!

This time, Blackie did not flinch, maybe because of my own demeanour. I had heard the distant grumblings and read the forecast, so I was not startled as I had been the previous night.

Early this morning a new visitor arrived, looking slightly bedraggled from such a wet night.

Some people don’t like possums. I love them.


She found something to nibble on in the grass and left-over bird seed, then she hurried off to disappear down by the groundhog hole.

(We decided it was a she because of the head shape.)

Grant put a scoop of peanuts out on the back patio in case she came back…

…and pretty soon…

“I heard you were serving breakfast?”

Yes, it has sharp teeth, but it wasn’t being fierce, in those two photos. It was just chomping on peanuts.

Grant decided this one was male. I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t the same one.

We are delighted they are back.

And also pleased to see our daily Red:

6 thoughts on “Daily Red

    1. I made a recording two years ago of the bird pow-wow or whatever it is, but I think I could not upload it to WP. Maybe I need to upgrade my account. I’ll give it another go! Thanks, Pete!

      1. You post it to You Tube first. The write a post, copy/paste the URL from your You Tube clip, and it appears when you publish the post. You have to have a pricey paid account to upload videos directly onto WP. 🙂

  1. I love hearing about all of your little creatures, and their adventures!
    The pictures are priceless! THANK YOU!


  2. Maybe I said it before … but the birds in the tree, almost looks like Christmas tree decorations (maybe a bit too early – or even a tad too late … depends whether you look back or into the future 😉). I don’t think I ever saw possums in real life – love your series of photo’s!

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