Artiste at work

18th March 2022

After a grey start, yesterday turned mainly fine.

Then late last night as I was reading with Blackie cuddled up beside me, we were startled by a sudden flash of light followed moments later by a terrific crash.

Blackie shot off across the bed, eyes like saucers.

It made me jump too. Wrong time of year for thunder!

But then who knows, these days, what to expect?

It did not rain much, but dawn revealed another murky morning. A small lump of snow remains, though most of that pile is gravel, migrated from the driveway.

The wind chimes were clanging away again.

Even the sky seemed a bit brown, but as I watched the clouds broke slightly:

A patch of blue, a silver lining…

The Artiste was at work:

Sometimes I imagine myself up there again, in an aeroplane, looking down instead of up. There’s not much I miss about travelling, but I did enjoy cloud watching and thinking about the people whose lands we passed over.

Night flights over land were best because I loved seeing the lights, especially when they were few and far between.

At the bottom of our hill there is a stream and this morning there was a great avian chorus down there. The birds were too far away for a decent photograph, but I saw crimson patches , so quite a few were Red-wings.

Later I saw grackles and there are lots of starlings now scrapping over the suet.

Maybe this was the annual reunion. Two years ago it was held in the trees behind the house. What a delightful cacophony!

It’s as if all the returning birds meet to decide who will hang out where for the summer.

Meanwhile a solitary goose flew over, looking for its mate that had got an early start:

Waving, I tried to point it in the right direction.

You’d think the rotter could have waited!

5 thoughts on “Artiste at work

  1. You live in such a beautiful place Carolyn, and your photos are extraordinary in showing the nature around you.
    I just love that squirrel crossing the road!
    A Big Thank you!

  2. We used to have a neighbour in the close behind us who had wind chimes hanging outside her back door. On windy nights (you know we have many windy nights in England) the sound would wake me up. Fortunately, she sold the house and moved away, taking her wind chimes with her.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes, I know not everyone likes them. Fortunately here there is no one near enough. Grant and I both like the sound but it certainly isn’t for everyone!

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