Day off?

18th March 2022

Brown. The world has gone all brown.

Except for a few leftover dirty bits of snow.

And the sky was gloomy grey.

Did I want to go for a drive?


In the end I relented and we went to Latham to collect some purchases.

This is our least attractive time of year.

Though when I chased off the negative feelings I was carrying, I began to see something of worth.

Patches of sunlight began to appear,

so I began to shoot at random

Colours and shapes began to please

Jim Jim squirrel rushed out..

but made it safely to the other side.

So what if brown is the current hue?

There are still forms and textures to enjoy.

Last year’s corn stalks

A quiet farm

Even mist adds a touch…

..and then, a patch of watery blue appeared…

…approaching Greenwich…

…we still had the road to ourselves…

…but the sky was busy…

…and all tangled up.

…that’s better!

Which way now?

Over the hills and far away…

Where did everybody go?

Not a soul for Grant to moan about!


Round trip this journey is 70 miles…

and this is how we travelled…

…almost the entire way.

Downtown Cambridge was silent

It had a decidedly deserted feel.

Even the tractor was unmanned. (Nice clouds?)

Arriving home to almost abandoned bird feeders, we began to wonder if something had happened that we had missed!

We have these days, from time to time. I always say that the squirrels have gone to a conference and the birds are housekeeping.

It could almost be unsettling.

But not quite.

Strangely, we had different visitors attracted to the seed bowls, brought out, presumably by rapidly moderating temperatures.

They are welcome as long as they abide by the rules.

Which includes not stinging our little friend on the nose.

Bucky can’t afford a day off. He’s got to build up his poor scrawny little body.

Grant is determined to fret over his diminished condition, even though, as I point out, there isn’t a thing we can do about it.

Except offer carrots.

5 thoughts on “Day off?

  1. Good to see Bucky feeding. We have had the opposite to ‘brown’ here for three days. Bright sunshine, 16C yesterday, and Spring exploding all over!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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