0614/17th March 2022

People are said sometimes to resemble their dogs.

This Blue-jay reminds me of my father, when he would turn to look at me with a raised eyebrow!

Zoomer the chipmunk shot out late yesterday to graze on the pile of seed uncovered by the receding ice.

Not long after, His sleepiness popped up.

On first sighting, Grant had rushed out with sliced carrots.

Which the little chap quickly seized

We believe this must be one of last year’s babies although it looks smaller than any of those.

Presumably they lose weight during hibernation even though their bodies more or less shut down.

Grant kept fretting that it was shaking, hardly able to stand up. I think he worries too much.

“Mother Nature looks after her own.” I said.

Looking back, I don’t remember seeing a groundhog that was so buck-toothed!

Nice to meet you Bucky. We’ll be watching out for you.

And keeping you in carrots!

They will be around now until the end of September or early October.

Now if I could persuade them to eat weeds and not flowers…

A significant development on the cat front.

When we first moved here back in 2018, Lily developed the habit of inserting herself on the chair behind me, while I worked at the computer.

She would push till I gave her space and often she would climb up my back with her quite sharp claws.

It was rather a nuisance and I tried to discourage her.

For some months we kept re-arranging our rooms and somewhere in there, Lily abandoned me.

She didn’t just stop climbing up my back or sharing my chair. She stopped sleeping with me, moving her allegiance to Grant.

Had she taken offense that I tried so often to eject her?

It was unlikely, I thought. She had probably decided she liked Grant better. She was happy and that was all that mattered.

Though I’ll admit sometimes I missed her at my back.

One night recently, Lily slept on my bed again.

This afternoon, suddenly…there she was behind me!

Am I forgiven? I do hope so.

Ever since she first looked at me this way I have loved Lily deeply.

Just as all my other cats have a special place in my heart, so does she.

Each one is unique. They touch you in their own little ways.

Bless them all.

5 thoughts on “Forgiven?

  1. I didn’t grow to look like my dog, I just bought one that already looked like me from day one. πŸ™‚
    (See my gravatar photo for proof.)
    Good to see the groundhog enjoying his carrots.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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