21st March 2022

Spring may have arrived, officially, but it gets a late start up here. So I have no blooms to offer.

Scraping back the cover of last year’s leaves, I found evidence of life returning, however.

And there among the lily shoots, the dastardly invasive wild strawberries.

My gardening skills are nil and I have adopted a mostly benevolent approach to weeds. Besides, how could one object to strawberries?

You give an inch, they take a mile!

Also flourishing, I discovered, is the Siberian tea. Last time I looked it was very sad after many coverings of snow. But it is Siberian, after all, and presumably used to harsh winters. Now, it seems to be bursting with enthusiasm.

Eventually it will produce flowers and in late summer, its leaves offer shelter to Monarch butterflies.

It seems to require very little effort on my part, so I appreciate it!

Enjoying the fresh air, I meandered around the garden and as usual was enthralled by the sky:

It seemed to be developing a crease.

Soon it was all closing in:

Leaving just a small blue hole.

It became positively dramatic!

Sometimes I think Mother Nature just likes to play with us. Till I came here, I would have felt threatened by such skies and sought shelter.

Now, I take a picture and continue on my way.

Searching for images…

My glasses have transitional lenses that go very dark in strong light, so taking this sort of photograph is a bit haphazard. Mostly it’s a matter of luck.

When I downloaded the images I noticed that the dew drops contained reflections of the surrounding field.

Which I regarded as a bonus.

Wicked thorns. Blackberry bushes that also grow apace!

Still searching for water droplets, I returned to the diminishing pile of ice and found bubbles:

Splat. It wasn’t really worth the effort!

It figures that when I pressed the shutter at the optimum moment, the focus would be off. Oh well.

Mixed in with the gravel and pine needles, an assortment of anonymous stones.

It’s only because of sheer impracticality that I don’t have a collection of rocks and stones.

Just a very small handful that I treasure.

Where does a particular stone come from? How old is it? How did it find its current form? Who else handled it? The questions are endless.

5 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Your photos have inspired me to look for a photo lens crystal ball (and I’ve just ordered one!) I often find stones in coat and jacket pockets that I have collected at some point!

  2. Very cool to get those reflections in the droplets, Carolyn.
    More like Summer here today, than Spring. Still 18C and sunny, even at 5:40 pm!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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