No going back

2000/7th July 2023 Despite ominous peals of thunder and some impressive clouds late yesterday, we did not get a drop of rain. But the oppressive heat has abated. Our wild garden is much happier. But according to the weather oracle, we must brace for a cold front bringing flooding rain! . The pink tinges of … Continue reading No going back

A short relaxing holiday

Having located the missing passport, we piled into a taxi and asked to be taken with all speed to Don Mueang Airport. Bangkok traffic being what it was, requesting speed was rather a joke. Normally, asking an Asian taxi driver for speed would have been extremely ill-advised, given they way they drove as a matter … Continue reading A short relaxing holiday

Potala Palace

Potala Palace from roof of the Jokhang Temple The Potala Palace requires true photographic skills which are far beyond me. I would encourage to have a look at the Unesco World Heritage gallery, link posted above. This most impressive and stunning structure was commissioned in 1645 by the 5th Dalai Lama. It was built … Continue reading Potala Palace