A way of life

While I subscribe to no religion, Buddhism is in fact a school of thought, a way of life, and I fully accept just about everything I have ever read about it.

This morning there was a newsletter from David Michie, an author I have followed for quite some time, who happens to be a Buddhist. I offer to you what he included, which many people may find helpful in dealing with our current drama:

I was drawn to the writings of David Michie by his book: The Dalai Lama’s Cat.

You would never have guessed.


Maybe they are reacting to my mood, but the cats seem to be enervated lately.

They have traded favourite spots, for one thing.

The shelf next to my desk has been Lucy’s place from the day it was put together.

This morning my little Willow installed herself there and remained through numerous interruptions.

Then Tinkerbell strolled in and I saw Willow’s eyes tracking her. She is Willow’s nemesis. Tinks knows that Willow is my “child” and treats her with the same dislike and disdain.

But it wasn’t Tinkerbell that finally startled Willow into standing with saucer eyes, staring at the front window.

I think it must have been a crow. Or a ghost.

We sometimes wonder if there is a cat ghost downstairs in the “engine room”, as Toby and several of the others go in there frequently to “talk”. Presumably it’s a friendly spirit. Or something.

Lucy is suddenly taken with the “sex puddle”.

If you haven’t been following the sorry tale of my cat’s lives, you will have missed the bit about Colin and his fleece.

When I placed it on the nightstand, it didn’t afford him sufficient room for his nefarious activities, so he shrugged his shoulders and abandoned it.

Then Lucy moved in.

Blackie normally spends the day in front of the fire. Perhaps the rare ray of sunshine the other day mislead her into believing warm weather was arriving.

Patches, on the other hand, is firmly attached to her radiator, but I shall not be leaving it on all Summer. At least I hope not.

Willow struck a pose under the window and I captured picture number 5,648. If I added together all the photographs I have ever taken, just of cats, I am sure I could paper my house.

But I don’t need to. It’s already covered in pictures.

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