Celebrating Nature

Confused weather pattern, Cambridge, NY 11th April 2020

Being neither Christian, nor religious in any way, makes this an ordinary Sunday for me.

But living where I do, I seem able to find something to celebrate every day and it usually relates to Nature, to the celebration thereof. At 7pm on April 9th I glanced out the window and, impressed, I went to take these pictures of the opposite hill.

The very next day at about the same time, Grant exclaimed “OMG! Look at this!” So off I went again:

I just couldn’t stop:

Two days are never the same here. I get carried away, but I so love the way light looks so different according to where it falls, and all the textures it brings out. This effect lasted mere minutes.

Today, I caught the elusive flicker digging in the field:

Gorgeous bird! Wonderful Nature!

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