0840/10th July 2023

The 24-hour rule holds.

Weather forecast + 24 hours=WET

Wet birds, wet groundhogs

Wet everything.


Monday morning pigeon scrum.

Mr Cowbird listening in…

“So this is what I heard, down the other place…”

If anyone’s going to have a gossip, it would be the pigeons.


Gimpy Crow came for an early snack,

with its very fine, wet friend.


It’s touching how they stay together.

Fine weather or foul.


It seemed to me this morning that Gimpy was perhaps, less gimpy.

The claw less cumbersome.

Probably wishful thinking.


As I attempted to focus the crows,

the ubiquitous Yucca came into view.

With a raindrop or two.

Only 2 beetles were found today.

Their decoupage is quite artistic but left un-checked, they would make short work of my valiant tree.

“Phew. I’m glad you saw them off!”


My attitude toward photography is approximately the same as my attitude toward gardening.

What works works.

What doesn’t, oh well.

Flooded, flowering phlox?


There are challenges to overcome, not least the fact that I cannot hold the camera steady.

And it doesn’t help that my vision is so dynamic.

Which is to say constantly changing.

It occurs to me that my eye doctor may tell me to spend less time staring at photographs on my computer.


Might it also remedy the headaches?

People used to tell me I would ruin my eyes and give myself headaches by reading in the dark.

But I’ve never been good at taking advice, even when I give it to myself.

Anyway, it pleases me quite a lot when my abused eyes manage to catch sight of something small.

Even more when I capture it…


At the kitchen sink, this morning:

“Oh, hello!”

“Stay there!”


Zooming in…

A tilt of its head changes the colour of its stock.


Cooperative subjects really help.


Meanwhile, back indoors…

Sophia had a relapse sending her back into isolation for further monitoring…

A package arrived with 4 envelopes of trans-dermal meds for the thyroid cats:

3 are the same. Muffin’s is different.

The envelopes are always stapled.

Except today, so that 24 syringes fell out onto the kitchen counter.

In appearance they are identical.

I thought the moan was rather more serious than say, the *”putt-putt” moan.


*For anyone who doesn’t know:

Putt-putt moan occurs when another vehicle dares to be in front of us, as in:

“Oh NO!”

“It’s going to go putt putt all the way!!!!”

7 thoughts on “Advice?

  1. Well, I can tell you this Carolyn … your photography works quite well! The flowers showered in raindrops are beautiful and how interesting are the changing colours of the little chap just by tilting his head! I always laugh when you talk about the “putt-putt” moan – that’s such a true description 😄.

  2. Grant would hate to drive behind me, as I refuse to exceed 50mph on country roads because I want to appreciate my surroundings. Still humid and cloudy here, but no rain. It is forecast to arrive on Friday, and last all weekend.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. He doesn’t drive fast and always slows when there is something to see unless there is a car behind. There are people in these parts who dawdle!

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