13th December 2022

Early clouds lifted this morning, revealing the transformation.

It’s not as if it’s the first time I saw snow!

Dragging myself from a warm bed when it’s 8 F outside and piling on clothes in order to replenish the seed trays sometimes doesn’t feel awfully appealing.

But the moment I set foot outside: magic.


The doves remained tucked up.

Unwilling, perhaps to join the morning fray.


Blue Jays arrived with their usual fluster.

“Don’t worry, missus. I’ll sort them out.”, said Mrs C.


“Will this arrangement work for you, mister Squirrel?”

“Whatever, Just keep those Jays in order!”


Squirrels are very competitive over food.

Ghost caused an uproar when he arrived.


“Those seeds was mine!”

“And now they’re mine!”

“While those two are arguing, I’ll just sneak in here!”


Greenwich looks quite attractive in it’s winter suit.

What other decoration is needed?

A wreath, perhaps. A few white lights.

Nothing garish or gaudy.

Somewhere I read that if you think about an animal/bird, it will show up for you.

Strange as it sounds, this has often proved true for me.

As we approached the shops yesterday, who should I see, swooping about from tree to tree?

“There they are. Blue car!”

“Good. The old woman saw us. Strike a pose!”

It probably doesn’t actually work that way, but it was nice to see Starlings, particularly as I mentioned them just the other day!

“Attraction theory” works for domestic animals too.

Any time we observe that His Nibbs hasn’t been around:


Who will be waiting for us when we return from shopping?

Well Hi! Let me escort you to the door!”

“You have treats in there, don’t you? For very cold and hungry cats?”

“Those special ones you keep for visitors?”

“You did say, didn’t you, that you wanted to see me?”


Before that digression, we were returning from Greenwich.

Veering off the main road, the driver had second thoughts.


The roads were clear but there might be ice….

…or over-sized farm vehicles pushing us into snow banks.


An “abundance of caution” I’d call it.

But safety is never something to criticize.


We kept going but stuck to the shorter route.

Disturbing a murder of Crows.

They streamed across the road towards a farmhouse.

It can’t just be me…

There really is something special about a winter landscape.

Home stretch…

Last week when we came down this lane we saw a mink!

Our everlasting Christmas tree.

Not to show off, but we’ve actually got a pair.

As we got home, the clouds broke up…

And we were dazzled. Literally!

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  1. It’s quite a picture with all the animals coming in for a ‘snowy meal’! Your world, covered in snow, is truly beautiful – it’s true that where you live, every season is a masterpiece … maybe winter just a tad more than the other.

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