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0651/14th December 2022

Something I have never really considered till today:

“It is always darkest before the dawn”

The first person to have said this, according to Google was one Thomas Fuller, in 1650.

In fact, it is darkest before dawn, as that is when there is the least light and it is also the longest point since light was last seen.

It makes sense, but I had really never thought about it until I noticed how very dark it was this morning before sunrise.

If you see what I mean…

If it wasn’t for Toby, I would never have experienced this revelation.

Unable to dissuade him from yanking on my hair, I groaned and heaved myself up.

Reportedly, this morning was a few degrees warmer than yesterday when it was windy to boot.

But it seemed more frigid. Maybe having socks inside my boots yesterday was a help.

Though it wasn’t my feet that were cold.

My fingers progressed rapidly through no feeling to way too much feeling!


Arriving gratefully at the front door with my empty seed buckets, I had a thought and turned back to consider the garage.

Then persuaded myself that my fingers could probably survive another 60 seconds…

The irresistible frosty windows.


Though the sun was by then rising, a dark cloud on the horizon appeared to be spreading:

Note the tiny contrail

Clearly the developing scene needed to be monitored!



Finally the Sun thrust its way above the horizon


The cloud however, lingered as if determined to have its say..

So I couldn’t really stop watching, could I?


When Nature starts finger painting, you have to watch


By now it was 0840 and I’d managed to help feed the cats and myself

and I was washing dishes with my camera at hand because that cloud was still trying to make trouble.


But it was a day with a list of things to do

So I captured a last shot and climbed in the car.

Before we got too far I realized that I was not carrying my bag.

Which is probably because I have become so used to just jumping in the car with my camera and nothing else.

But today there were those things to do….


Never mind. We had to swing back past the house anyway.

Which was just as well since I’d forgotten something else as well.

Before, way back when, I used to be so good at multi-tasking.

Nowadays, if I attempt more than two things in a day…

It’s a serious exertion!

But then, I was still sky-watching…


5 thoughts on “and so forth

    1. Have you ever heard the original version, Peter?

      It was also recorded by The Shirelles, who had a minor hit with it in 1959, and a much bigger hit with a re-release in 1961. I had that version on vinyl in 1962, when I was 10. 🙂

  1. Your frosty windows really look like works of art! I think when you’re young and working, multi-tasking comes automatically (with most people), but when you get older and there’s no need to remember everything, we ‘forget’ things more easily because it’s not important. Well, that is my take on this issue anyway (I’m actually making excuse for myself as well now) 🙂. Love your sunrise photos!!

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