12th December 2022

It started snowing yesterday as we were finishing breakfast, but by lunchtime you really couldn’t say that we had even accumulated a dusting.

Then, after lunch it began to stick and soon the world turned white.

Whatever you think of snow in terms of weather, it really does make a pretty picture.

The wildlife were less pleased.

“You wouldn’t happen to have breakfast would you, missus, for a poor cold, starving squirrel? I can’t find my stash!”

“I can’t find my nuts!”

“Well have another look Joe! I’m hungry!”

“Help me out missus? She’s getting on my case!”

“Thank you!”

Snow brought out the cardinals.

It’s a little hard to hide when you’re red.

(I actually think Mrs Cardinal is gorgeous)

Even if it’s only your beak that’s vibrant.

“Um, missus? They made me the spokes-sparrow…”

“The boys noticed that you made no mention of us in your writing yesterday and they are a little offended.”

“Just because we are ‘Common’ and Sparrows, doesn’t mean we should be ignored. They said to say.”

Quite right, too. I would never take a Sparrow for granted!

Everyone was very keen on breakfast today.

So as not to ruffle anymore feathers….

I should mention the Hairy woodpecker and the Junco!

Lucy has taken to making daily excursions up to and around the garage and now makes loud demands if we are late opening the door.

But this morning she decided to give it a miss.

She’s a fair-weather walker.

“What do you think, Dee Dee? Shall we chance it?”

Toby marched up:

“Stop dithering and get out of my way, you two””

“Oh shit!” he said “It’s that stuff again!”

“I just remembered I left the kettle on…”

Meanwhile the sky was showing off it’s Winter hues:

Briefly the sky darkened seeming to carry more snow.

But we set off for the Post Office…

…admiring the new look.

Then we headed off to Greenwich for some shopping.

As ever, time has got away from me, so I shall abandon you in Greenwich and bring you home tomorrow!

Today’s WordPress “prompt”: Who do you envy?

Isn’t envy one of those deadly sins?

9 thoughts on “Envy?

  1. Your roads are nicely cleared, unlike those around Beetley, when we have snow and ice. Somebody else’s snow is always enjoyable, as long as it stays away from wherever I am living.
    The Sparrow is the emblem of the London Borough of Southwark, where I lived much of my life. So it is one of my favourite little birds.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Oh, beautiful snow! Yes, it makes a pretty picture. How different the world looks from just a few days ago! I also like Mrs Cardinal (not only does she have a bright beak, but also a beautiful hairstyle)! I’m with the cats … the snow is lovely … as long as I can admire it from the warmth of the house (or car) of course.

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