That house

0845/23rd September 2022

It always seems that on even the gloomiest days, a ray of sun finds the house across the valley.

Equally if there is a single unusual cloud about, that is where it will park itself, though without blocking the sun!

Until it sets, anyway.

Last week some 30 or more wild turkeys went to call.

Most of those pictures a hopeless blur, despite my best efforts to steady the lens.

But it was nice to see such a large “rafter”, maybe as many as 35-40 birds which is a lot more than we normally see.

They used to strut up and down our driveway but it seems we are out of favour:(

Sometimes, when I am taking pictures, I wonder if the people over there are aware how much enjoyment I get out of watching their hill. I am really not a voyeur, at least not of human activity.

Two days ago as I was washing dishes, a great flock of birds took off into a darkening sky, the underside of their wings lit up by the setting sun.

My hands were wet and I could never have got the camera focused. It was quite breath-taking.

Determined to identify them, I dried my hands and they obligingly came back to perch.

Red wings and Starlings.

It’s not very clear in this photograph, but as the birds were entertaining me, a rainbow formed and guess where it seemed to originate?

Right, from that house.

It’s quite possible, of course, that from over there it may appear that rainbows emanate from our residence.

Though we’ve not found that pot of gold.

The morning sun does bathe us quite beautifully.

Last night I went out to watch the sky, overjoyed that the world is back in focus, thanks to an the amazing new lenses in my glasses.

It’s hard to describe just how wonderful this is.

Yesterday morning was quite pleasant.

It became a really in and out day.

My glasses had arrived in Greenwich, so off we went.

It had been 9 months since my world went wonky….

…and I had started to feel a bit gloomy. Almost afraid to hope for improvement, the changes of my vision having been so dramatic.

With the updated glasses on my face, I was told to sit for ten minutes as it would take time for my eyes to adjust.

Peripherally, I was still seeing double, but as I sat….

…a miracle.

So last night I went outside to drink it all in

The birds even came to do an honorary fly-by!

Granted that I was exhilarated, but it was a very lovely evening

Two huge banks of cloud, with us in the gap between.

The setting sun lit the tops of towering cumulonimbus

and dark little rain clouds rushed in, self-importantly.

That’s how it felt, anyway.

8 thoughts on “That house

  1. What a beautiful start to my day. Thank you for sharing such beauty from your side of the world. I love looking at that house on the hill too. Did you ever find out why their hill was brown not too long ago? I hope they know they are blessed.

    1. No, what grows over there is always a bit of a mystery. I did find out what was growing in the fields that turned yellow. Sweet potatoes. I guess they practice crop rotation so every year is a bit different.

  2. Great news about the improved vision. That reminded me of when I thought I was going blind in my 40s, and bought some cheap reading glasses. I couldn’t believe how clear the print was on my book after I put them on.
    I think seeing 30 wild turkeys would be a significant event. It certainly impresses me. Shame we don’t have such turkey flocks in Beetley.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Maybe the wild turkeys were just exploring places they have not been before. And hooray for new (and focused) glasses! The sky photos are gorgeous – you are certainly making the best with your improved vision!

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