Goings and comings

0655/25th September 2022

Clouds and contrails. I don’t remember them being so varied when I was young, but maybe that’s because I wasn’t paying enough attention?

As a city dweller, you don’t have as much opportunity to watch, but often enough I found myself in places with wide open skies.

Maybe, if I had had a digital camera then, I would have some images to look back on.

Though I am no sailor, I “went to sea” a few times and also spent some time on beaches. We used to watch the sun set over the ocean, hoping to catch the “green flash” that was supposed to occur at that final moment.

No-one I know has ever seen it.

The fact it, I have witnessed a good number of weather phenomena over the years and often been very impressed by them.

But to me, the sky is different now.

More contrails, more pollution, devastating environmental changes….

Maybe it’s not just me.

Maybe I’m right?

Or maybe it’s the musing of an old woman.


“Your people are messing up our sky!”

That’s what the Sparrows think.

The hummingbirds left last week.

There is no fanfare of farewell.

They come for a final drink and go.

Their long, long journey south is fraught with so many dangers but they carry on resolute, to follow the path set for their species to survive.

Some will fall. Many, even. But most, we hope, will make it through.

Each Spring we anxiously wait and that first hummingbird sighting is a particular delight, a lifting of the heart.

For a couple of nights last week, we had “almost frost” but it was only a tease so the butterfly bush is still in bloom and I saw a Monarch out there two days ago but I hope it will also have left now as the milkweed is done.

Not much is left in the garden, although this is the time for marigolds to show their faces. And the zinnias will continue as long as there is no freeze.

And there’s my late bloomer!

While I don’t get maudlin over the end of summer, I shall miss the many creatures that leave or hibernate and the bright faces of my flowers. I always appreciate so much any plant that will flower for me!

But we have some birds that come back to us at this time. Goldfinches now need the nyjer seed we offer.

The Chickadees are also back and when snow arrives, so will the Juncos.

And the Sparrows are back to swarming in front of the kitchen window.

Geese fly around making a lot of noise

The flock I saw the other day

suddenly did a 180, like a London taxi, heading back the other way.

Some will remain through the winter, and maybe they are sorting out their arrangements, arguing about them!

Willow used to be alarmed by the honking as they went over the house, but now she doesn’t even look up.

I do, though. Always.

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  1. Years ago – when we were in St. Lucia for 2 years – I’m quite sure we saw the “green flash” many times. (And if I am daydreaming at least I am sure we talked about it.)

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