Long journey back from Albany

1705/22nd September 2022

Morning chores accomplished, Grant gone to the garden, cats asleep.

Two hours of undisturbed peace ahead…

Phone rings. It’s Tim who ought to be winging his way to South America.

As I answer I put a bare foot down into…

…a pile of regurgitated kibble.

My old travel buddy Tim is a compulsive traveller and will never pass up an opportunity for adventure. So this morning he sits at JFK enjoying the benefits of a creeping mechanical delay.

As I made sympathetic noises, I stooped to pick up the vomit. “Where did you go?” said Tim as my voice was muffled beneath my desk.

Given the choice of an airline delay or scooping vomit, I’ll stick with what I’ve got!

Yesterday I left you in Albany. If I had to fly, or take a train, that’s where I would go to start the journey. It’s roughly an hour’s drive from Cambridge, just down the Hudson. (I have no plans to go anywhere!)

This is Troy, on the way home.

New York is decidedly flatter than Washington State, where I lived for the previous 18 years, but we have some decent hills here.

We drove home in rush hour!

And we headed back into the storm we’d left behind.

Those dark skies provide a great backdrop.

Every 5 minutes, another change:

Such drama!

I could linger all day looking at clouds

Any day now we’ll be doing a Fall drive and it’s possible I may get my car back from the fix-it shop.

On Tuesday I’ll be holding my breath when I go to pick up my new glasses.

Will the world come back into focus?

Oh I do hope so.

On final approach to home, one of my favourite views.

Our hills are gentle and I love them.

It only took me 3 days to get you back from Albany!

Lucy has come to nibble on my hand, so I think that’s the lunch call. Yes, I mean literally, nibbling!

Alright! I’m coming….!

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