Rain dance

12th July 2022

The milkweed is wilting despite daily watering.

But I don’t think that is the reason we’ve been abandoned by the Monarchs.

We were so excited, a few weeks ago, when we counted up the caterpillars. But then they vanished.

Sometimes we see a Monarch butterfly on the new bush but there is still no evidence of eggs or caterpillars.

The best way to photograph butterflies, I’ve decided, is to remain indoors and use the telephoto.

While I watched the butterfly, a couple more visitors turned up looking for a snack.

As far as I have been able to observe, my innocent little friends have not been eating my flowers.

But the phlox are suspiciously slow in development.

No doubt it’s this terribly dry weather.

Last time it rained was July 5th.

What a difference a healthy downpour makes.

How much happier my flowers looked…

The yucca plant bloomed briefly. It’s a haven for spiders:

A thoroughly moist morning:

“Are my children up there again?”

Oh yes. Showing off their punk hairdos.

“Oi! Mum’s looking for you!”


With all the farmers making hay, we are seeing a few birds back at the feeders.

Presumably they have been feasting on grass seed, so now they need support until the grass grows back.

While I’m not expert, I suspect this is a brand new Thrasher. He eats bugs but not fast enough!

The finches have been back…

Golden and House varieties.

Mr Grosbeak is around most days, but no sign of his wife or babies.

The sparrows have been very low profile this year. I think they have shifted their prime residence from the bush under our kitchen window.

One day when I was putting seed out, a whole flock of sparrows took off out of a tree just down the bank.

The bush had begun to collapse under their weight, so I applaud their relocation!

The crows appear to be thriving. They are still stand-offish, though they get their share of offerings.

Hiding behind my PC I manage to capture their cheeky strut down the driveway at the end of day.

You would think they were out for an afternoon stroll.

My photo editor has taken itself into a new mode, or it’s having a sulk, I’m not sure which. It occurred to me that I may have too much inventory but I have been erasing till I am dizzy and nothing has improved.

However I’ll deal with that tomorrow. Now I must go and do my rain dance…….


Whereupon two things happened….

Rising from behind my desk, I saw a groundhog helping itself to a cone flower.

So I threatened it!

And then it started to rain.

Just a drop.

The dance will go ahead.

8 thoughts on “Rain dance

  1. Your photo’s of the butterflies (actually all of your photo’s) … breathtaking beautiful! I just want to look and look and look.
    I hope the rain dance brought results (well, more than just a drop) 💦.

  2. For the last two days, there has been a baby bird in our water dish, or sitting next to it by the seed dish. It doesn’t fly away when I go outside, and I can even crouch down next to it without scaring it. I contacted the local Animal Shelter and they told me not to take it in and care for it. They said I should leave it for its mother to find. But now I fear it will be killed by one of the local cats!
    (No rain here for 10 days now)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes! I remember the “dawn chorus” there was deafening. I saw only tiny bits of Australia but I have fond memories. After Mum died my dad used to winter in Australia but on his third trip the journey went wrong and it precipitated him into a depression I couldn’t really manage from Seattle, so I got time off and flew to Cairns where I spent a week trying to sort it out. I shall always remember the kindness that was shown to me there.

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