Weather watch

0630/12th July 2022

The National Weather service began issuing warnings on Monday night, of dangerous storms that would likely affect us on Tuesday.

As the sun rose yesterday, it cast an ominous light.

Shafts broke through, illuminating patches that were golden against the dark background.

After a somewhat sombre start,

…things lit up

The walkers went out. Toby stopped to enjoy the rays.

Then he came back in for a lie down.

The morning progressed, with the sun in and out.

The weather warnings kept coming, but I had an appointment in Clifton Park.

So I continued to monitor en-route…

A perfectly fine summer’s day in Greenwich.

Along River Road, a lot of haze nothing too grand.

At a light I took pictures of the wild grasses.

In Clifton Park, I left Grant roasting in the car while I went to get the latest injection.

In my head this time.

The “procedure” takes 5 minutes. Messing about takes 85 more. And by the time I came back out…

Oh my!

It was coming from the southwest.

Not totally taking control, though…

A heavenly battle appeared to be raging.

A drop of two of rain fell.

We turned off onto a dirt road…

A deer shot out of the corn and stopped to look at us

The storm was trying hard to arrive

Two more drops of rain struck the windshield.

From all appearances, a savage storm.

Grant could only mutter because we’d got behind another Vermont driver…

We were so hoping for rain.

It looked so promising…

But by 6 pm it was another passive evening


7 pm…

7.53 pm…

8 pm

After this, the Smith observatory officially went off duty.

2 drops is all we got. After all that!

But I just got a notification that “A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect!”

I’m going out to water the flower beds…

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