0625/21st June 2022

Contemplating the morning sky:

“Do you think we should spritz the garden?”

“If you do it will rain. If you don’t, it won’t.”

“So what are you saying?”

“We better do it.”

“I can’t walk cats and water the garden, so if I drag the hose out can you do it?”

“Maybe we don’t need to.”

The cats got walked.

The garden got sprayed.

The weeding got done, delayed from yesterday.

So now one bed looks slightly less ghastly.

And it didn’t rain yet.

“May I point out that you didn’t mention us yesterday.”

“While you wrote about those other birds.”

“We’re the very polite, self-effacing ones.”

“But we’d like some credit, all the same.”

“We just try to keep the peace.”

“But we have a hard job sometimes.”

“And our babies need to eat too.”

“Perhaps I may be of assistance.”

Buzz off, buster!”

“Being small doesn’t make us pushovers!”

“There are more of us and we move faster!”

“You stick with us, Mrs Dove.”

“They call us Common, you know.”

“But we don’t take offense.”

“Just keep the seed bowls full, is all we ask.”

“It’s really all about sharing, isn’t it?”

You might want to talk to the piglets about that…

“Hey! !””


“Oh, I don’t think so!”

“That’s it, girls, kowtow to your brother!”

“Where’d they go?”

“Stick it up your nose, beast!”

“It’s alright, my dear little sister.”

“I’m going to knock your heads together!”

“I don’t care who did what! Just stop it!

“He’s such a butt-kisser!”

“What did you just say?”

“Ewwww, just wait till I catch up with her!”

“Has she gone yet?’

“We’ll be nice little girlies today!”

“It’s amazing what they get up to, Missus!”

“Indeed. Look what they did now!”

“Nothing to do with me!”

“Just sitting here grooming my tail.”

“But while I have your attention…”

“You might consider having this bush trimmed.”

10 thoughts on ““Gardening”

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for taking advice from your friends and sharing your fabulous exchanges with Grant and the rest of the troupe. And, no, don’t give in to the blighters, and trimme the bush! Plants have rights too, don’t you know?


  2. This is a very beautiful collection of photographs of amazing animals. Thanks for sharing! Truly a wonderful post!

  3. Ah, the doves … but hey, they’re not so polite as what they try to convince us – look, three of them INSIDE the dinner plate! Lovely conversations between all of the animals – it brought a smile to my face!

  4. Doves are very much smaller, tan coloured and they coo gently. Pigeons tend to be grey with purplish highlights and they make a lot of flutter! I like them a lot too but the doves are sweet and represent peace (to me anyway)

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