New cat?

0744/16th May 2022

It’s shaping up to be one of those days.

Nothing wants to work. In particular my photo editor and WordPress, which stretches my great reserve of patience.

Yesterday after days of funk, I rallied, taking on some *unauthorized plants, which was not a lot of work but won me another insect bite or two. I am very allergic and come up in large, itchy welts.

  • *weeds

This little swine stung me and got swatted for its trouble. Then I felt bad and tried to resuscitate it, but I think it was done for.

You never know who a bug may have been, in a previous existence, though I suspect if you are now one of those, your karma may have been bad.

Today I am just plain tired, which makes small annoyances tedious.

…moving on…

When I lost my little Himalayan, Thimphu quite suddenly, next morning I found this in a litter box:

Ever since, I have paid attention to hearts showing up. The two on right were in my driveway 24th Dec, 2008.

Timmy in 2004

While taking photographs this morning, I certainly did not see a heart shape hovering in the trees. This was supposed to be a picture of a spiderweb!

It’s totally explainable, I have no doubt, just like the tire marks in the snow above, but I enjoy these things.

“Unauthorized”, but really quite exquisite.

There was a heavy dew overnight.

Dandelions don’t need to be authorized.

They would no doubt scoff at the very idea.

A bit like telling cats they must get permission for what they do.


Which brings me, in a way, to why I am more than usually fatigued today.

It’s merely a matter of insufficient sleep.

Not because I have been unable to sleep; let’s go to Saturday night. I was rebelling against the alternative drug suggested by my new doctor.

It was making my eyes swell and itch and with the other problems I have been having lately, it seemed not a good idea to add complications.

Of course, one is counseled not to stop taking the drug without referring to your physician. No, no, no!

Nuts. I am expecting to be told off. Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

The plan was for this medication to replace the one I have been using since, I can’t even remember. Before the end of the last century. In a much higher dose.

But it’s a controlled substance! Oh gad, no!

It could cause me to fall! Damn, they should come here and see all the things that can be fallen over in this house, not least 11 cats getting underfoot.

Oh! She’s such an unreasonable old woman.

Saturday night, I took the situation into my control. I thought perhaps I might have trouble getting to sleep.

But no, it wasn’t that.

Earlier in the day, Grant had rescued a mouse that one of the darlings had brought upstairs. Beastly cats like to drop and torment their captive by chasing it around.

Just as I was putting my head down I became aware of familiar sound effects.

From the thud, scramble, scramble, thud, I could tell that it was an already departed mouse. Willow was frustrated at not getting it to run.

Abandoning the idea of sleep temporarily, I got up to check, just in case the mouse was merely paralyzed with fear and not dead.

The corpse was located and ejected into the night as an appetizer for whoever happened by.

Willow looked offended I had removed her toy.

“Back to bed!” I admonished. “No more mice!”

This time I actually got as far as personal lights out.

Only to be awakened by a new set of sound effects and this time it was “Raow!” Scurry, scurry, “HISS!

Great, Willow had another mouse, a still active one. And Tinkerbelle was trying to horn in, competition that worked in favour of this rodent.

So once more I climbed from my bed, armed myself with a plastic waste basket and a pooper-scooper and went to join the game.

“Yo! Missus! Save me!” cried the mouse, jumping into the waste basket rescue conveyor and rushing off into the night to warn his mates:

“Don’t go in that house! It’s a slaughter!”

But they always have to come and see for themselves.

Poor little buggers.

So that was Saturday night. I did get back to sleep but it was rather later than planned.

Last night was my own fault, I suppose.

Grant said he didn’t care a shit about a blood moon or lunar eclipses, he was off to bed. Philistine.

There had been storms earlier, but the sky cleared and I had read that the eclipse would start around 2330.

At that hour, I am almost always still awake so I couldn’t not check, could I?

And there I was at midnight, wrestling with the tripod, trying not to fall over cat beds and my own two feet while attempting to line up the lens with an increasingly obscured sphere some 225,000 miles away.

There are wonderful images available on YouTube but there is something special about seeing it for yourself.

Even if I did stay indoors, safe from marauding mosquitoes and bears.

Our neighbour actually saw that bear. I feel cheated!

If it was going to shit on my property, it could at least have introduced itself.

Another appointment tomorrow, but I’ll try to finally get around to writing about our new cat…

6 thoughts on “New cat?

  1. Goodness, Carolyn, you do make me laugh! And Karma! And the bug!
    I had a difficult day and your unfinished cat story, saved the day!


  2. I couldn’t wait to read about the new cat … but alas, tomorrow is another day šŸ˜Š. Thank you for posting a photo of the moon (we missed it, was fast asleep). And I must say, your nights sounds quite exciting (well, not always out of free will of course) …
    Oh, and great photo’s of the spider web – so beautiful and fragile!

  3. The dewy spiderwebs are works of art and I especially like the two shots of what looks to be wild strawberry leaves that are tipped with dew. They look like tiny multi-colored gems. I hope for no more mousecapades tonight.

  4. Another cat? Best keep them away from that bear!
    (Don’t forget about the Vitamin B. It really does help with less bites, and it’s cheap to buy off Amazon.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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