About that cat…

The world has gone bushy and in-your-face green.

It is nice to see such a burst of enthusiasm from the trees but with so many power lines, it won’t be long before the power company comes to hack bits off.

There seems not to be a lot of respect for trees here which is sad. Though we get some wicked storms which bring branches down or even uproot older trees.

All those trees are homes for a lot of creatures 🙁

Did I mention another cat? Oh yes. So I did.

Perhaps I misled you.

When we moved from Washington, we had thirteen cats in tow. Now only eleven.

So theoretically, I suppose you could say we have availability for two. After all, when I had the foster suite, the headcount was much higher, but those cats were not all in the same space.

There was no way I was leaving any of the cats behind and I found the means of transport, at a price, but “consolidating” was a bit of a worry.

“Now look”, we said:

“You’re all moving in together. Make it work!”

The house was new territory to all of them.

Otherwise there would have been trouble.

With a capital T.

We have very few visitors, so the chaos that surrounds us really doesn’t matter.

But no, no availability here.

If I learned of a cat under threat and I could offer a stay of execution, then….

But no. There’s no new cat, exactly…

This neat little chap is a Catbird.

His name comes from the sound he makes.

This is our fourth summer here. In previous years I only heard the Catbird’s call, without ever seeing one.

So I am delighted that it has become quite ubiquitous, visiting the suet and poking about beneath the hedges all day. A busy little bird.

So he is our additional cat. I know. That’s bad.


This beautiful bird stopped in for a brief snack on its way elsewhere. I believe this is the female Baltimore oriole.

Next morning I suddenly spotted a flash of bright orange at the kitchen window. I think it was the male.

Perhaps he came to collect his wife. Of course I jumped up to look but they were gone, on to another destination.

Last year the orioles did not come, though they made the same brief visit in 2020.

That year was the first time I saw an oriole. We were so excited, we went rushing off to get oranges for them.

By the time we got home and sliced the fruit up, the orioles were gone but the squirrels were happy to partake and as it turned out, possums like oranges.

That was the year we met Mrs Plod, the deaf, blind possum we became so fond of.

Our “token” Eastern towhee appears occasionally but seems very shy and we have only ever seen the male.

Without doing favourites, I am especially fond of him.

Mrs Cowbird in her fighter-jet configuration.

Hello, handsome.


Two more that I especially care for…

Inter species fraternization.

Bird on a stick

Bird in a bush

Yesterday’s thunderstorm rattled the windows and scared the cats, but it soon passed making way for another lovely evening.

4 thoughts on “About that cat…

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for the fabulous photos of your birds. And you are a naughty minx to reveal the true nature of the new cat. All in all very enjoyable!


  2. Okay, so you fooled us with the Catbird! 🙂
    My back lawn has grown a foot in the last 3 days. Looks like I have to get the mower out.
    (Maybe tomorrow…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. A bird that makes the sound of a cat … that can be confusing (for the cats) 😁. So many beautiful birds in your garden – it must be a joy to see them coming and going!

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