I see..

0700/17th May 2022

One eye opened and “brain” suggested:


“Can’t be. What time is it?”

“Look at the clock!”

“03:45. Got to be joking. It gets light so early?”

Both eyes now open, I struggled to peep under a blind and was rather pleased not to see a stunning dawn.

“Since you’re awake, go for a pee.”

Stumbling through the kitchen I was muttering to myself about the unreasonableness of daylight coming so early.

“When did this happen?” I asked myself crossly.

Then I caught sight of the microwave clock. 05:45


Birds were already looking for the feeders, so I had to attend to that and found myself outside in the quite fresh morning air, listening to a chorus of:

“There she is…breakfast! What kept you?”

It’s so nice to be appreciated.

While organizing birdseed, I saw His Nibbs arriving from up the hill so had found kibble to offer him…

…which woke up the indoor gang and they know the routine: medicine for Willow…treats for everyone.

After doing all that, I still had time to go back to bed but being fully awake, I grabbed my phone to do Wordle.

It is perhaps ironic that the six-letter word that defeated me and gave me a headache was “PIGSTY”.

As in what I live in.

Not quite. I do sometimes make an effort, but equally sometimes it backfires.

Last time I got the vacuum cleaner out to do a “quick job”, it ended up with Grant pulling the damn thing apart and puzzling over why it was not “sucking”…

…back when I was a sweet young thing I took a vacuum to the office for one of the guys to fix:

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Well it blows instead of sucking.”

“REALLY!” he said.

It’s funny how you find yourself remembering things that happened long ago…

In 1979, my mum flew up from Barbados to go on holiday with me. When it was time for her to go back to the West Indies, we had to get up early for her flight.

The alarm went off and we staggered about, then as I started to get breakfast I discovered it was only 2am.

A trice earlier than necessary.

My mother just smiled and happily went back to bed.

Sometimes I do wonder where “brain” came from.

Though a few months ago, I took the vacuum cleaner apart, removing every detachable part.

After thorough cleaning, I reassembled it with no problem whatever.

But I was happy to let Grant do it this time!

When we’ve had an overcast day, I always love it that the Sun still finds a way to say “goodnight”, lighting the cloud and sometimes sending a last minute ray that sneaks through to catch the distant hill as he dips the horizon.

Today has been brilliant and delightfully cool.

A temporary reprieve with a high of 69F/19C.

Still cool tomorrow and wet, then back to the fryer.

In the meantime, I’m taking “brain” to be scanned, quite unnecessarily.

It would be nice to understand my vision problems but I doubt they will find a cause.

And perversely, my vision righted itself on Monday.

Long may it last.

5 thoughts on “I see..

  1. My evening treats are getting just better and better, Carolyn. The pictures are exquisite as are your mutterings.
    Thank you.


  2. We also had 19C today. But it wasn’t cool, as overnight rain had made the air very humid. I had to drive into town to the bank this afternoon, and it felt quite oppressive on the streets. The ‘false summer’ had brought out the worst in the locals. 20-stone women wearing shorts and boob-tubes, equally large men wearing socks with sandals, beer-bellies straining faded T-shirts. Little England at its uncaring best.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Just the same here, except for the socks and sandals. What blows my mind is the number of people who work in the health “industry” that are so unhealthy. When I took my first airline job I was deemed too heavy (10 stone at 5’8″) to be seen in uniform. Boy did things change!

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