1730/9th April 2022

Yesterday, I boldly pronounced, was a dreary no-hoper.

By now I ought to know better.

Though I did still keep my eyes on a window.

And at 1740…hmmm…is that blue?

Yes, indeed.

It was late, but there was hope after all.

For the past three weeks, my eyesight has been screwy. More screwy than usual, that is. I have diplopia. One of those developments that can happen with age. I was fortunate to find a doctor here who was able to provide a solution. Lenses that contain prisms. It was so great to see the world in focus again, rather than like a kaleidoscope! Recently I got an adjustment, which was fine. Then suddenly it wasn’t. I see two of everything, despite the special lenses.

It’s…annoying…but no doubt it will get sorted and in the meantime at least I can still appreciate colour, and the ever changing light. And I can read and write on my PC.

Maybe it’s time I changed the name of my blog.

What could I call it?

“Clouds in Cambridge”?

Clouds do seem to feature more than cats.

Am I a stuck record?

Do young people even know what that means?


But I am lucky to experience these images and I feel compelled to share them.


Perhaps pretty pictures are a small relief from the daily images of despair in all quarters?

Realizing that I was in for a treat, I went out to watch.

Each moment, the spectacle became more grand.


As the Sun lit the tops of trees


The sky darkened, offering a great backdrop


…and it turned a rich, deep blue

Across the valley, the hills lit up as the Sun sank



Finally, the day drew in


and the Sun bowed to the Moon…

“Your turn”


If you’re still with me, I may as well continue…

Dawn brought surprises.

Rising at 5 to find out who was murdering Sophia, I clicked on the outside light and saw a beautiful fox on the patio. It was too dark to attempt to photograph a very nervous fellow.

But I forgave the cats for waking me and returned to bed.

When I surfaced again two hours later…

The Nyjer seed feeder had been full, last night and the suet holder had not looked like this!

We’d been raided!


Masked bandits, no doubt.

This one visited us two years ago.

Raccoons are beautiful and entertaining, but after that summer’s very sad conclusion, we have tried to avoid encouraging their presence.

There had been a hard frost..

leaving interesting patterns on the water bowls


A chickadee sat in a frosted bush to pose


How everything changes with a degree of frost

“You’re telling me!” exclaimed Mr Cardinal

and a bit of mist


Our lovely dawn did not last

…though I still found beauty in the images…

0757/10th April 2022

8 thoughts on “Raiders!

  1. I’m in two minds about raccoons. In one way, I wish I could see them. But my sensible head tells me to be glad we don’t have them in England.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. They are beautiful and funny but can be a problem and we, or I should say Grant, had to deal with rabid raccoons which was terribly distressing as we had seen them all as babies.

  2. Today’s pictures are a real treat, Carolyn! This blue of the sky, the enchanting house you live in, the fields around, the robbers, and your commentary, like “are you still with me?” Yes, Carolyn, keep on writing and photographing because I will be for as long as you do.

    I do hope that you will not mind that I have read your comment on Narayan’s essay, and could I suggest using
    Olbas oil as it is a wonderful decongestant. You usually dab a little bit on your bed linen close to your face or even
    smell the opening of the bottle very carefully as it must not get into your nose or throat. It works wonders when one has a cold as it unblocks the nose completely.


  3. The light on some of your photo’s are so striking … the blue sky with the sun illuminating the hills. The sun surely puts on a whole different show! Haha 😁, ‘masked bandits’ – the little buggers!
    I ❤️ today’s pictures on your blog Carolyn … Nature is quite amazing.

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