Wet things

0736/9th April 2022

Searching, yesterday, for a USB cable (God forbid one size should fit all), I went to have a look in the car.

Returning empty-handed, I was impressed by the weather that approached from the north!

“Oh my!”

Yet turning east (right):

…east south east (above and below), then…

…swinging all the way round to the south:

ah, more “weather”!

After getting back from an excursion to Greenwich, we had thrown lunch at the cats and grabbed a bite ourselves. Then I sat down to catch up and remembered that I wanted to download my little camera, which is what sent me out to the garage.

The cable I needed wasn’t in the car, but I won’t say it was a wasted trip because I always enjoy an impressive sky. Though why it was a surprise I don’t know, considering the photographs I finally downloaded.

(The cable was in my handbag where I couldn’t possibly forget it.)

From the start, yesterday, the sky was “roaring”!

But earlier I had been preoccupied with other things

Amazing what you see if only you look closely

Stormy weather had arrived, with wind and soaking rain, encouraging a growth spurt.

So my focus was on wet things.

In the car, I fiddled with Wordle, and when finally I lifted my eyes heavenward: “Well, look at that!”

In my bag, I carry a small camera…

The sky was really roaring for attention.

So angry and yet…


It couldn’t decide what to be.

Talk about “moody”!

That was how it went, all day:


The Universe does not concern itself with my humble reflections about “gentle skies and balance“, but this display was such a stark opposite of my recent post!

It almost seemed to say:

“Drama? You want drama?”

“Here you go then!”

But not much later…

Aw! Dainty little clouds, skipping about…

…all forgiven?

The Sun poked the clouds aside to bathe us in his gentle Spring light.

No such luck today.

My weather app has a word for this sort of day, a British word, I think:


6 thoughts on “Wet things

  1. It’s beautiful … the dewdrops on the plants!
    Yes, I was thinking it’s a moody sky before I read you actually thought that as well 😉 … I do like the small patches of blue (that later changed to more blue and less clouds).

  2. Nothing like putting a cable somewhere that you couldn’t possibly forget, and then forgetting where it was. I seem to spend hours in such fruitless searches, only to come across the object in the last place I would ever have thought to look. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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