11th April 2022

This is an experiment.

Looks better like this, right?

Things have gone sideways, starting with a full mug of tea, all over my desk and all those things you have on your desk that you really don’t want getting tea on.

Well no. Half a cup went on the floor where I overlooked it and then stepped in it.

Actually, it didn’t start with the cup of tea.

It started with the ill-advised upgrade of my computer system. Why must they mess things about?

If I was experiencing major problems, I would probably just eject the upgrade and stagger along until my old system came upon something incompatible.

Why didn’t I just choose the latter in the first place?

Good question.

If there are two choices, it’s a given that I will select the one which proves problematic.

Same principle as being able to zero straight in on the most expensive item in a shop.

However, the problems I am encountering are not that important, just plain annoying.

Like having my screen saver display photographs sideways. But only some of them.

How difficult could this be? If I just re-sized them, that would work, right?


Turn off, on, restart etc etc…nothing doing.

So just have a new screensaver.

No. Bugger it. I like the old one with the picture of Willow looking out at the snow.

My intention was to post the aforementioned image, but of course I couldn’t find it. Scrolling up and down was wasting more time, so I settled for taking a picture of a picture.

How pathetic am I?

Willow’s picture is my default, then after 20 minutes, the deer pictures begin to display, only many of them are sideways.

Thinking I could fix the problem, I went to “Preferences” and “Screen saver” and then was faced with so many choices.

Behind one of them I just knew it should say

Self Destruct”

So I abandoned that.

Then I was trying to photograph Lily, which is what turned my tea mug sideways.

As I mentioned recently, I am back in favour with Lily which means she climbs behind me as I type and she pokes me till I tickle her.

But she is most uncooperative about being photographed in the act.

It was always going to be a discombobulated sort of day, what with carting three more cats to the vet.

Sophia, Patches and Willow.

Three of the most easily spooked.

So we started very sneakily with Sophia because once she knows what’s happening, the legs shoot out, claws extended to fasten onto any available surface.

One tries not to let it be one’s arm.

But that’s where the teeth clamp down.

No injuries this morning.

Patches trembles but gives in easily once you find her.

Willow shot downstairs and buried herself in Grant’s box-spring. He found something to poke her with and she shot out straight past me and back up the stairs where she encountered a closed door.

Then wailed pitifully.

Tomorrow, a repeat performance with 3 more but halfway through this morning’s appointment they had spare time. Did we want to go home for the others and get it all done in one day?

Well, sure, why not. We are only 8 minutes away, so we brought Sophia home and began re-loading. Tinkerbelle is easy, at least for Grant.

Me, she would shred.

Even though she loves my shoes!

Any sort of altercation, a delivery man, or even Grant wearing heavy footwear, sends Blackie fleeing for the basement.

So there we were again, poking at Grant’s box-spring and the lump inside was not coming out, so Grant said “just tear it open”.

If you have a box-spring and cats, pretty soon you will also have tatters, take it from me.

But the head that popped out was an indignant Sasha.

Blackie was sitting well concealed in one of their numerous boxes, so hoping I wouldn’t find her. But I tipped her out and then scrabbled about trying to lay hands on her.

“MURDERRRR!” she wailed.

They really know how to torture you.

But where, oh where was Toby?

“Did he come in from his walk this morning?” I inquired.

“Oh shit.”

Of course the lad did not respond.

Grant went off back to the vet with the captives, leaving me to find the boy. I don’t like him to be out too long and especially if no one is home to let him back in.

But like most men, Toby is corruptible. He can be bribed.

With the treat tub in hand, I walked along the tree line shaking it and calling our sweet redhead.

Before long…here he came.

So we still have an appointment tomorrow but at least all the drama is done.

Grant will just have to keep Toby on a short rein in the morning.

Tinkerbelle has to go back as well, for “something”.

Grant couldn’t remember what, but he says it’s not serious. If it was, he would be in a state and he’s not, so I can take his word for it.

Oh, the “experiment”? I have turned the deer photographs on their side to see which way my screen saver will display them now…

6 thoughts on “Sideways

  1. Self destruct … sounds like a James Bond movie! It’s like running a marathon getting the cats ready for a vet visit! But it seems everyone (human and pets) are still all in one piece and not too grumpy with each other …
    It’s easy with the photo’s on their side … I just turned my head and then it looked alright 😁.

  2. I have so far resisted the free upgrade to Windows 11. I have a dread that a smiley face will appear on my screen with the word ‘Gotcha!’
    Best wishes, Pete.

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